Tours @Phong Nha
  • Phong Nha National Park Tour

    Phong Nha National Park Tour The tour does a loop through Hwy 20 and The Ho Chi Minh Trail West - roads that dissect the park built during the "American War" to get troops and material to the south to help in fighting the war on the southern side of the DMZ line. Our guides will give you an enormous amount of information relating to the park, its vegetation, geology and wildlife and also historical and cultural information on the area and Vietnam and its people. contact

  • Phong Nha trekking tour

    7km Underground Trekking Through Paradise Go further than most with this tour for the adventurous! On this tour you walk 3.5km into this breathtaking cave, past the lights and tourists, over rocks and through underground rivers. Who else can say they've eaten lunch 3.5km underground (apart from miners!)? The cost (which is per person) includes transport each way of 40km and lunch and guides etc. You can swim in the Son Chay River at Tro Mung Ranger Station on your way home if you like. contact

  • Cave tours Phong Nha caves

    2 Day Trek to Hang En Cave and Ban Doong This tour goes through Ban Doong Minority Area where the villages have no roads to them and there is no electricity etc. No motorbikes, etc. It is like travelling back in time and there are no tourists up there so the locals do not try to sell you stuff. They are just looking at you wondering where you came from and why! contact

  • Phong Nha Caves Tours

    Tu Lan Cave SystemThe Tulan Cave system is an incredible system of caves, some newly discovered, that traverse under two mountains. Many of the caves have a river running through them, and part of this tour is spent swimming through the caves, a real experience in the dark and deep underground. The added bonus to this tour is the hike through the jungle to get there. contact

Where to Stay
  • Phong Nha Farm Stay

    Phong Nha Farmstay Phong Nha Farmstay is probably the best stay for the more luxurious traveller looking for some adventure. Offering rooms from around 25$ this place is the perfect get-a-way in the Phong nha country side. It is run by a friendly Vietnamese-Australian Couple (Ben and Bich) with plenty experience to show you around!

    1 Km East of Ho Chi Minh Highway, Khoung Ha, Quảng Bình, Vietnam


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  • Lake House Resort Phong Nha Ke Bang national Park

    Lake House Resort The Phong Nha Lake House is just a couple km's down the HCM trail from the main Village. It Offers a mix of nice rooms with the option to stay budget in one of their bunk beds. The Hotel is nicely situated next to a lake with a great view.

    Khuongha, Hung trach, Bo Trạch, Quang Binh, Vietnam


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  • Easy Tiger Hostel Phong Nha Caves

    Easy Tiger Hostal This real Bag Packers ('Tây ba lô') Hostal is about the best budget stay you can find around here. Along with it's Junle Bar this place is the perfect start to discover Phong Nha National Park. They also have a nice selection of tours with plenty of experience.

    Main road, Son Trach, Phong Nha


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  • Thien Thanh hotel Phong Nha Caves

    Thien Thanh Hotel Decent Budget hotel in the middle of Son Trach Village close to the ticket office to get your boat to one of the water caves.

    Main road, Son Trach, Phong Nha


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