Western Food in Danang
  • Bistecca Restaurant Danang Bistecca Steakhouse cuisine: Fusion
    Bistecca Steakhouse, Bar and restaurant is located on the 7th floor of The New Orient Hotel and offers fine dining in a beautiful setting. The dining experience at Bistecca Restaurant is probably one of the best you can find in Danang, with a very nice outside lounge area and luxurious inside dining.
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  • Le Rendez Vous French restaurant Danang Le Rendez Vous cuisine: French
    Le Rendez Vous is you French experience in center of Danang City! With real French food, Le Rendez Vous offers a nice venue for an enjoyable French dinner with friendly prices. You van get a nice steak including sidedishes already for 190.000 VND...
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  • Nha Leo Pizza's and Cakes Danang Nha Leo Pizza & Cakes cuisine: French, International
    Nha Leo has been for many years well known in Danang to grab your pizza or delivery to your home. Nha Leo Pizza's are different than what you will find in the Italian Restaurants in Danang. Nha Leo pizza's are famous for it's tasty and royal topping. You can order your pizza with thin or thick crust. Don't forget to order some delcious cakes while you're there. The Brownies and Cakes make a great desserts after your dinner.
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  • tranquilos restaurant bar at chu hotel danang Tranquilos Restaurant & Bar cuisine: International, Vietnamese
    Tranquilos restaurant is the new place to eat at Chu Hotel. Tranquilos at Chu Hotel offers a relaxing place to enjoy your dinner with most of the day's some nice classical chamber music.
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  • Limoncello Italian Restaurant in danang Limoncello Italian Restaurant cuisine: Italian
    Limoncello Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in Danang. The restaurant feels right away like a true Italian Family with the best service you can get, excellent food and great Italian wines. A perfect place for a real Itlian Dinner or Lunch!
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  • Luna Pub restaurant, bar in Da Nang Luna Pub cuisine: Italian
    Luna Pub is a very popular and nice Italian Restaurant offering great Italian food, wines and good atmosphere. Every Tuesday they have some fun live music and more or less open stage.
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Vietnamese Food in Danang
  • Pho Viet Kieu Danang Pho Viet Kieu cuisine: Vietnamese
    Pho Viet Kieu is a most charming restaurant serving traditionally made Pho, delicious Cơm Bò Xào and Bún Thịt Nướng. Pho is
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  • Lam Vien Restaurant Danang Lam Vien Restaurant cuisine: Vietnamese
    Lam Vien Restaurant is one of the most beautiful garden settings to enjoy your dinner. The Restaurant, and Garden offers you all the privacy you need for a nice and quiet dinner. The Food is excellent as to be expected from the ex-chef of the Intercontinental Ho Chi Minh.
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  • Madame Lan Restaurant in Da Nang Madame Lan cuisine: Vietnamese
    A very nice dining setting with great Vietnamese food. If you're in Danang don't forget to visit this place and experience the restaurant yourself!
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  • Com Nieu Danang Com Nieu Nha Do cuisine: Vietnamese
    A great experience to see the throwing smashed rice traditionally cooked in clay pods. Website
    Com Nieu Nha Da Da Nang Price:
  • Bánh Tráng Thịt Heo Trần Bánh Tráng Thịt Heo Trần cuisine: Vietnamese
    Tran Restaurant is a good location to taste some of the local Danang food: Bánh Tráng Thịt Heo. This local speciality in Danang is made from rice paper to wrap a mix of vegetables and pork meat with some tasty Fish Sauce. Facebook
    Com Nieu Nha Da Da Nang Price:
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Local Street Food
  • Bánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy Danang Bánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy Bánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy is a friendly family restaurant with nice tasty Banh Xeo. Especially the fried rice cake is made following Qui Nhơn famous recipe.
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  • bun bo hue danang Bún Xương - Bun Bo Hue Bún Xương offers one of the best Bun Bo Hue style in Danang. Bún Xương has grown very popular with the locals in many years serving one of the best Bun Bo in Danang!
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  • Oc Cay Hanoi Danang Ốc Cay Hanoi Ốc Cay Hanoi is famous amongst locals for the best snails in Danang. Ốc Cay offers a wide variety of different snails served with a spicey mixture of herbs and vegetables.
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  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong street food Danang Bánh Xèo A small little alley on the Hoang Dieu, Danang harbours all the best places to eat traditional Bánh Xèo in Danang. The Most famous one is the place of Ba Duong at the end of the alley.
    Bánh Xèo is a a fried pancake made from rice flour and turmeric powder. The Pancakes are filled with bean sprouts, shrimps and vegetables and pork skewer. Read More
  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong street food Danang My Quang Que My Quang Que, is probably our favourite place to enjoy a tasty My Quang for breakfast or lunch. My Quang is a typical local Da nang dish, originated from 'Quảng Nam' province in the centre of Vietnam and is one of the most popular dishes around. Read More
  • Eating Rabbit Son Tra Peninsula Danang Rabbit @Son Tra peninsula Eating Rabbit in the Jungle of Son Tra Peninsula is a very fun and relaxing way to have your lunch on a free weekend's day.
    The most popular of the rabbit restaurants is Thanh Nhu, on the left hand side when you drive from the south of the peninsula up to the Radar station on the top. Read More
  • Pho Bac Danang Phở in Danang Pho as one of the most popular streetfood dish throughout Vietnam, and can be found on practically every corner of the street. Pho is a broth noodle soup mainly served with beef. There are many good Pho places to find in Danang but here are some that we like:
    Pho Bac 63 (Pho Hanoi style): Read More
    Pho Kho Pleiku (from Pleiku region): Read More
Thai Food in Danang
  • Thai food in danang, vietnam Discover the best Thai restaurants in Danang
    Danang has some great places to enjoy the Thai kitchen. We sorted some of them out for you with their locations.
  • Indian food in danang, vietnam Discover the best Indian restaurants in Danang
    If you looking for the best restaurants to enjoy some Indian food, we tried some of the best places you can find in Danang