My Quang Que
  • Great My Quang in Danang!

    My Quang Que, is probably our favourite place to enjoy a tasty My Quang for breakfast or lunch. My Quang is a typical local Da nang dish, originated from 'Quảng Nam' province in the centre of Vietnam and is one of the most popular dishes around.

    The Noodle is made from Rice and served with many fresh herbs and vegetables like: basil, mint, coriander, banana flower, water morning glory and lettuce.

    My Quang Que is a clean and comfortable place to enjoy a tasty Mì Quảng.

    You can order a wide variety of Mì Quảng like:
    Mì Quảng Bo (with beef): 29.000 vnd
    Mì Quảng Tôm thịt (with shrimps): 28.000 vnd
    Mì Quảng Lươn (with eel): 29.000 vnd
    Mì Quảng Gà (with chicken): 30.000vnd
    Mì Quảng Cá Lóc (with snakehead fish): 29.000vnd
    Mì Quảng Sườn (with pork ribs): 28.000vnd

    Enjoy your My Quang!