Hoi An Attractions
  • Old Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

    Japanese Bridge At the West end of Tran Phu street the Japanese Merchants built this important bridge in 1593 connecting the Japanese community to the Chinese Quarter in Hoi An. 40 years after completion of the bridge the Japanese were called back to Japan and the bridge has undergone some changes from then. First the Chinese and later the French adjusted the bridge to their needs. In 1986 Hoi An restored the bridge to it's original design.

    note: since 2013 you need a ticket to see the bridge. the ticket will give you access to some other attractions as well.

  • traditional theater attraction in Hoi An

    Traditional Theater Facinating Folk Music peformed by the Hoi An Traditional Art Performance Theatre at the 75 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street is one the highlights in Hoi An. You can watch the show everyday between 9 and 10PM.

    note: if you have bought a ticket to get in Hoi An and see some attractions you can watch the show from the start on a chair in the front, otherwise come a bit later and stand in the back for free.

  • quan cong temple in hoi an

    Quan Cong Temple This Chinese Temple founded in 1653 is dedicated to the chinese general Quan Cong known for its loyalty, sincerity, integrity and justice. You can walk through the towering gold and red entryways and wind through numerous rows of houses that make this temple unique. The Zen-inspired gardens and sunny outdoor pathways provide peaceful escape from city streets and offer visitors opportunity for quiet meditation in one of Hoi An's most-loved architectural and religious structures.

    note: If you make a small donation the caretaker will strike the gong, acknowledging the tribute.

  • getting to Bach ma national park, hue, vietnam

    Chinese Assembly Halls Throughout Hoi An you can find several Chinese Assembly Halls erected by chinese merchants like the: Fukian Assembly Hall, built by merchants from phuc Kien province in 1697. The Quang Trieu Assembly Hall, built by the Cantoneese merchants in 1885. The Chinese Assembly Halls are open free for public from 8am to 6pm.

  • getting to Bach ma national park, hue, vietnam

    The Old House, Tan Ky and Phun Hung Hoi An most interesting old houses are open for public like Tan Ky and Phun Hung where you can wander around and see the remarkable authentic architecture of the 18th century merchant residences, kept in the family for generation after generations. It is like stepping back in time when you enter one of those quaint places.

  • getting to Bach ma national park, hue, vietnam

    Bao Tang Van Hoa Dan Gian Museum Visit one of Hoi An Museum to learn more about its past and culture, like the Bao Tang Museum. Take a glimpse how the people in Hoi An used to lived, the tools they used and about their history.

Hoi An Tours
  • Cham Island tour hoi an Cham Island

    If had enough of the Old Town of Hoi An you can decide to take a trip to Cham Island, 18km offshore from Hoi An. Where you can relax at one of the many beaches, prepare a BBQ on the Beach and pitch your tent up to stay overnight. It is the perfect get-a-way to explore the beauty of Cham Island or take dive to its protected coral reefs.

    Boat Ticket: around 500.000 VND ($25)

    Location: bến tàu Cửa Đại

  • Silk village Hoi An Hoi An Silk Village

    The Hoi An Silk Village, officially opened in August 2012, is based on the ancient silk weaving traditions of Quang Nam province that used Hoi An as a commercial seaport for over 300 years. Located down the street from Hoi An's town centre, the Silk Village offers an experience like no other. During the tour you'll learn about the entire production of silk from silkworm to dress.

    More Info on this tour ($19 pp)

  • Tra Que, Vegetable Village in Hoi An Tra Que, vegetable Village

    A charming little village on a island near Hoi An. Tra Que village is famous for its sweet scented and green vegetables that spice up on the daily meals of Hoi an people such as Cao Lau and Quang noodles (the specialities of Quang region). Become a farmer and experience the daily routine of the Vietnamese Countryside

    More Info on this tour ($29 pp)

  • hiking through Bach Ma national park, hue, vietnam Thuan Tinh Island (cooking tour)

    At Thuan Tinh Island Cooking Class, we offer you something completely unique. Meeting in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town of Hôi An, we embark on our Culinary Adventure. First, a trip to the market to purchase some fresh, locally grown herbs. Then, we board our river boat for a relaxing 30 minute ride to Thuan Tinh Island, which is recognized by Hoi An as an official ecological zone.

    More Info on this tour ($30 pp)

  • hiking through Bach Ma national park, hue, vietnam Kim Bong Carpentry Village

    Ever since the 16th century, villagers from Kim Bong have made the village famous throughout the country for its fine carpentry and woodworking products. The small town has become a favourite of Vietnam's many rulers, who have hired Kim Bong's artisans to work on their various projects.

    More Info on this tour (Free)

  • Hoi An Free Tours

    Many Tour to different little Villages are offered for FREE, by local student who love to take you out for one day and show you around! Find Out more on their website

Where to stay...
  • Muca boutique hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam Muca Boutique Hotel

    Muca Boutique hotel is a very nice 36-room hotel next to the "Thu Bon" river and close to Cua Dai Beach and the City centre. The Hotel is the only Spa included hotel in Hoi An and with its great fusion Styled roofs and Landscaping the resort guarantees a pleasant stay

    $$$ 40-50 USD/pn

    Visit Website for more information

  • Palm Garden Beach Resort,Hoi An, Vietnam Palm Garden Resort

    The Palm Garden is a 5-star resort with very decent prices. I stayed here for 5-days and enjoyed to the full extend. Breakfast is great and the garden just perfect.

    $$$$ 100-120 USD/pn

    Visit Website for more information

  • Betel garden homestay, Hoi An, Vietnam Betel Garden Homestay

    At Betel Garden Homestay Villa, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. The hotel provides 24-hour room service, restaurant, family room, tours, car park to ensure our guests the greatest comfort.

    $$$ 60-120 USD/pn

    Visit Website for more information

  • Vinh Hung 3 hotel, hoi an, vietnam Vinh Hung 3 Hotel

    This nice friendly priced hotel is located right in the city centre and offers you great value for money. The 24-rooms are nice and spacious with decorated darkwood craftwork.

    $$ 30 USD/pn

    Visit Website for more information

  • thanh binh hotel, hoi an, vietnam Thanh Binh I Hotel

    This Low Budget hotel has a great location and ideal for the backpacker with not many demands. The Hotel is plain and simple with a good price..

    $ 15 USD/pn

    Visit Website for more information

Where to Eat
  • Bao han restaurant hoi an, vietnam

    Vuon Xua (Old Garden Restaurant Located in a small alley in the centre of Hoi An you can enjoy of the best 'Cao Lau' a traditional Hoi An Dish which is a must try when you're down in Hoi An.

    See Map
  • Bao han restaurant hoi an, vietnam

    Bao Han This place is a real must if you're looking for some vietnam food, decent prices, friendly staff and just a great experience!

    See Map
  • good morning italian restaurant in hoi an

    Good Morning Great Italian restaurant in the centre of the old village.. Perfect for a change to the vietnamese kitchen. Prices are decent and the atmosphere is great.

    see map
  • little menu restaurant in hoian

    The Little Menu Restaurant One of the all time favourite place to eat in Hoi An! Good food and friendly staff.

    see map
  • Hi restaurant, hoi an

    Hi Restaurant Simple Vietnamese dishes for great prices and outstanding taste.. a bit difficult to find but worth to explore!

    See Map
Where to Drink
  • Before and now bar hoi an, vietnam Before and Now Bar Great Little bar with the best music in Hoi An. A real travellers relaxing place to become your 2nd home (including free pool). See Map
  • white marble wine bar and restaurant in hoi an White Marble (wine) Bar If you fancy wine then the White Marble Bar is definetly the place to go. Great wine's good food and a pleasant atmosphere with some nice lounge places upstairs. see map
  • le banyan beach bar, hoi an Le Banyan Beach Bar On the Left side on An Bang Beach (10min from hoian) you can find this great bar at the beach.. perfect for some timeless relaxing.. see map
  • Q bar, hoi an Q Bar A busy bar in the centre of the old town. Great cocktails nice setting, cool design and good music. See Map