Bánh Xèo at Grandmother Duong's
  • A small little alley on the Hoang Dieu, Danang harbours all the best places to eat traditional Bánh Xèo from Danang.

    Bánh Xèo from Ba Duong is my favourite place to go to. Right at the end of the alley you find grandmother Duong's Quan Banh Xeo, serving:
    - local Bánh Xèo
    - Nem Lui
    - Thit Nuong
    - Bun Thit Nuong
    My choice: 1 Bánh Xèo portion for 2 people, with 6 or 8 Nem Lui (80.000 vnd for 2 people).

    Bánh Xèo is a a fried pancake made from rice flour and turmeric powder. The Pancakes are filled with bean sprouts, some shrimps and vegetables, together with the Nem Lui (kind of pork skewer), you roll the Banh Xeo with some lettuce/ basil and bananaflower mix in the rice flower and dip it is some kind of peanut sauce which is quite irresistible.

    Bà Dưỡng is for sure one the most popular Quan Bánh Xèo to go to, and a good choice for some delicious Banh Xeo!